Maltese, Maltipoo and the adorable Malshi! The Maltese Boy on the right is my stud I use today! Malshi is on far left on page and matipoo girl next to maltese boy! 3 different looks and all 3 awwwwsome! Take your pick come and adopt you a new baby right here at Barking Baby Adoption Cottage!! 

 Sold ! Will have more real soon  Malshi Girl "Snow Ball "   But have Maltese just born and are tiny and cute and yes I have some ice white girls! Call for more info and pictures and pricing! Thanks

"Snow Ball" Has something to say and above is the boy Is "Ice Baby "       

Malshi runt boy .

Teacup Malshi Sold

"Panda Bear" is a runt girl  Sold!   Will have more soon...Some might have Malshis but they dont make the size I do for my shihtzu is only 31/2 pounds and my momas are 5 pounds and some are 4 pounds! Just for the record..  :)

 " Ice Baby "

White Runt Boy Call for his new Clearance price last Malshi to go!  And he is the Runt male cute and small and now he is POTTYTRAINED! Ready for his New home! Come adopt IceBaby and get a big discount on his price...call for price..****SOLD**** Sorry but do have new Malshi puppys white and Blk also in white as seen here.....Taking deposits now put one on layaway today!

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