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Stork Has been very Busy getting these adorable Baby's ready just for you!

Poodle  red girl 


"Georgie" is a apricot poodle boy!

                                                                                                                                                                                              *Charlie Brown* Yorkiepoo Golden/Chocolate Boy

Mr Peabody is a Tcup Black Yorkie Poo Boy! Have his sister which is a little bigger but will be 3 to 4 lbs  Looking for someone with a big heart who could love him and be his mommy! He will be 2-3 lbs full grown and he is 3 months here ready now for Adoption!

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Two Tiny Toy  Black Poodle girls also have one boy! These poodles come with all 3 sets of puppy shot's and potty trained..Save 400.00 in Vet bills!!! Poodles in Baby box were the same litter as here on left but younger!

Sweet Pea sure is sweet she is a Teacup and almost 5 months here! Looking for her new Mommy!

Shorkie boy and girl Ready Now!

Bye, Baby Bunting
Dan Gibson's Solitudes (Lullabies From Nature's Nursery)
Yorkie New litter getting ready to be born any time!. Or you can put a deposit on one of these precious pups! Yorkie's  are $600.00 to 1,400 and  prices vary on Gender,size,Breed,Color& disposition. All my Yorkie's are small 6 pounds and under and once in a while I get thrown a larger one 7 to 8 pounds full grown those are the ones at the lowest price! Larger the puppy the sooner they can go and the Teacup puppy has to stay with mommy longer and have all their  3 sets of shots given before they leave.


I have some Yorkie's like these now! ...these are pictures from recent litter and they are sold!


 sold Yorkie Poo Little girl ..Have anothe girl and boy  will take their picture soon! 

Yorkie poo! Little girl should weigh aprox 3 pounds full grown if that!

They can be cut in a Teddy Bear cut! Too Cute! Red Poodle Girl  SOLD
Teddy Bear Cut can look like this! It is the same cut we do on Malti-poos and Bichons!
Who wouldn't want to cuddle with this Little Red Bear! They Don't Shed and are easy to 
Potty Train! My older Puppies are 85-100 per cent potty trained! This has to do with  the age of puppy, breed ,and trainer. Puppy needs to stay on the same system when the puppy goes to their new home!

Red Poodle Puppy Teddy Bear from previous litter same parents to show how cute they are. And more red than this picture!

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