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Customer's pick of puppy!     Puppy's are soft and furry and have a tail that wag's! Remember we will be holding that special puppy just for you!  Deposit  is half down+$15.00 for handling + tax ! Pay balance in cash on pickup date no checks please! $15.00 is the charge for deposit  holding & handling fee for puppy until pick up time! Barking Baby can keep your puppy longer as needed but let us know and we will let you know what the cost for the fee for that service is. If puppy is held longer than two more weeks than scheduled pick up it will be 25.00 a week after that .It is so that customer will have the choice to leave their puppy longer or pick up puppy at scheduled time. But we have no problem either way. We are at your service to help you with your new Baby Puppy in every way with in reason. Thank You! Call me if you need help or have any question's... There is No refund on Deposit's! It is because we held that puppy just for you and it is a binding agreement you have made.That you are to buy the puppy you picked out and also that we can not sell it for it is sold now to you. Unless you don't pick up  puppy on scheduled time and didn't call to reschedule pick up time for puppy. Then you have lost your deposit on that puppy...But we can let you use the deposit money toward another puppy if you have proof that something bad has happened to prevent you from getting your puppy on scheduled date ! :)As long as you are in good standing with Barking Baby 4 U we will work with you. Only if you are within good reason will we let you use the deposit toward another puppy and the  the decission on us here at BB4U. Thanks Debbie :)


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