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Deposit for adoption of a puppy is half down of the price the puppy cost****Balance owed will be payed in cash upon pick up!  20.00 fee addition for taking deposit payment for the puppy!  That is for holding and handling puppy deposit does not come free . If pickup is longer than a week a extra charge may be included in the price. And that pick up date or delivery date will be agreed upon by both parties!      *Thankyou for you !   BB4U :)


All *Puppy Deposit* is $310.00 10.00 handling fee + tax $ Pay for Puppy in full pay tax only no Handling fee! Half down on Puppy or Price also 15.00 handling feee Layaway Puppy Plan 210.00 also10.00 handling fee + tax Deposit $105.00 for Clearance Puppy also 5.00 for handling

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