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37 years old
Richmond Hill Georgia
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I have 3 Yorkie, 2 Female and 1 Male. The picture is my Male who is 20 weeks old. He is 5.2 pounds and the the most even tempered, loyal, loving dog.

I have a female, Juno who is 3.4 pound and is super sweet, but very shy. She is my Diva and it takes a minute or "days" for her to warm up to new people. But when she does it is a great honor. She is funny though, when she get into trouble she holds a grudge for 2 days and will only come out of hiding to eat or potty.

Then I have baby Clover, who is a product of the 2 above. Juno was pregnant with 4 puppies, turns out 3 girls and 1 boy, but was just too little to have them. I asked the vet to schedule a C-section, but my vet said that they only do emergency ones. I should have went to another vet, but did not know any better at the time. I do now for sure.

During labor, which started in the husband closet, she gave birth to Clover. This was about 10 hours after laber started, but at the time I didn't know it had started, I only know now from beging able to look back, because after 3 calls to the vet that night, I was still suppose to be waiting for a temputure rise after the drop ( which by the way NEVER happened.) Clover wasn't breathing so Zeus, who was there, yes Juno actually allowed him to be there, begain to lick her like crazy, while I suctioned her mouth and nose , then rubbed her with him and pumped her heart with 2 little fingers. Zeus finally ripped off her umbilical cord and she cried out loud. Juno was so tired she would not let her feed, so I put her the the box I had made and Zeus went over and laid with her to keep her warm.

Juno finally got done eating the placenta and then the 2nd puppy started coming, but I could tell right away was already dead. I got that puppy out, put it in a box, Juno in a birth crate and rushed to the the Vet, speeding like a demoned. God was was us that day because I didn't get pulled over, and Juno and Clover survived, but the other 2 still inside were stillborn due to distress and the one was already deceased. They did everything they could but they couldnt bring them back. They were lucky to save Juno, because she wasn't doing very well either. So at the same time Juno was Spayed. She is just to small to have puppies, but small or not is is a firece fighter of life.

Now have beautiful little girl named Clover "lucky" who also is a firece fighter and wanted to live. Clover, Zeus, and I fought and won her life. What a wonderful gift. It orginally was Lucky, but every one thought she was a he, so I changed it to Clover "Lucky" Cooper.

The experience was amazing, wonderful, horrible, sad, loving, happy.. only to name a few emotions that I went throught that morning. But after the smoke cleared and the dust settled I forgave myself for not having the right knowleage and was so thankful to have gotten to experience the situation, good and bad. It taught me a lot, and redifined my love for my animals.

I had to call all by buyers and appogize, but after all I went throught with Juno, Zeus, and Lucky opps, Clover, there was no way I could ever be with out clover. So here I am with 3 beautifully babies and then 3 real kids...

Sometimes my life is absolutly crazy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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