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            Best Little Baby's in Town!

Yorkie Teddy Bears!

Mommy is Pregnant and was Pregnant! We got Babies! Thank you Mommy

Two Yorkie Daddy's on top is Black and gold Bottom Yorkie is Blue and gold! Grown adult 31/2 to 4 lbs each!

Yorkie Babies for Valentine's Day! Taking Deposit on the left with Pay Pal!

Malshi  Parents " Maltese 41/2 lbs  Shihtzu                                                               Dad 31/2 lbs

I am really cute! Do you want a little girl just like me? 

 I Did Not Do It! 

Baby Doll Face!

Too Cute older puppy!

Yes the Red Teddy Bears are Precious and act just like they look!

 We Love company 

***Welcome*** Greeting you today at the gate is Dutchess of York ( Yorkie) & Fancy Pants ( Poodle) sitting by the pink porch ! They Love company and have lots of love and showing off their great temperments.These are a couple of my Mommy Dogs and you never know which one will be there at the Gate! All are friendly a couple are shy until they know you a little.
  * *Sweet Pea* as a baby now is ready for her new home! Could it be you?
This little girl is* SOLD* and held with a deposit! Remember Deposit can hold that special puppy until you can come pick up your puppy!

Maltese Puppies 4 U !

Litter of  Maltese Puppies Baby's!

Malshi (Maltese & Shihtzu) Girl *SWEET PEA* Teacup she is almost 5 months in this picture. Ready for Adoption! Comes with Deluxe Puppy Package! Call for more details! Not a good picture kinda too dark she is white as she is the same puppy under her picture with the pink bow!

Yorkie puppy up top bottom is Yorkie poo both are teacups!

True Teacup Yorkie poo he is about 3 months and weighs aprox one pound..He is extra Smart and extra special will weigh full grown aprox 2 to 3 pounds..Teacups are my most expensive puppys for they are so tiny and so cute everyone wants one..They do cost a lot more but they usually live 13 to 18 yrs...15 yrs being most  Mr Peabody* Teacup Yorkiepoo does not even think he knows he is even a puppy. Little guy is so sweet , he thinks he is all that and so do I ! He is one of the tinest puppies I have right now and one of my favorites! Call for pricing...
Teacup * Mr Peabody * ears take after the Yorkie so tiny they stick up..Comes with all 3 sets of shots included..I have his sister she is tiny but not as tiny as him also if wanting a girl...Teacup Malshi on left sold but shows tiny teacup pups ears stand when they are a baby...

Sleepy baby boy! Awwww


   Barking baby 4 U can I help you?

This is Barking Baby 4 U may I help you? Yes, we have Maltese New litter of Malshi! Tea-Cups & Tiny Toys 3 to 6 lbs full grown all according to the size puppy you pick...remember most everyone wants the tinest puppy so they are demand and will cost a pretty penny!  Also Have the adorable Malshi puppy's flat face short legs don't shed Maltese and Shihtzu. Daddy weighs 31/2 lbs  Puppys expected weight full grown 4 to 6 lbs in Maltese or Malshi Puppys! Taking deposits Now ! Mom and Dad below they make Malshi puppys! Don't shed full blooded Terrier...All Maltese,Shihtzu,Yorkie are all from the Terrier Group and don't shed one main reason everyone wants these..But not everyone has the teacup and tiny if they let them go at 8 wks most likely it will be big or be in danger leaving momma and sugar level can go down and kill the puppy..Most breeders dont replace pups that die from sugar level drop...Keep in mind..better for  tiny puppy to stay on Momma longer. Good thing they can leave with all their vaccines at 12 to 16 weeks in some cases as long as the puppy isnt too small and is eating good and you know that not responsible for sugar drop if you take 

Mom (maltese)    Toy         DAD SHIHTZU  Tea-CUP

Maltese and Shihtzu (MALSHI) Designer Puppies
Malshi maltese and Shihtzu Panda Bear marking and coloring!

Daddy(Shihtzu) 3 lbs) black and white and Mommy 9Maltese) is white is 5 lbs Breed Malshi

 Just starting to puppies pictures together! Also some litters are very young in a few weeks will put their pictures on my Web site. But if you only want a girl due to demands on girls we have a shortage on will need to put a deposit on little girls asap sometimes girls get sold as soon as they are born and put on our layaway plan.Also teacup size is sold out pretty fast.Call 478-230-6110 ask for Debbie for more info and pictures of our newest litter's! Thank's BB4U See the little guy in above picture he is a teacup sizeand the same puppy below in picture with bowt


 HOME OF THE TEDDY BEAR YORKIE BABY'S ! Also Home of the Red Poodle Teddy Bears! We all love the adorable teddy bear to hug and cuddle with! And they have the most adorable cute faces!

Yorkie Teacup showing you how a True teacup looks like! This puppy is adopted he is only 2 1/2 pounds full grown!

Malshi * Maltese & Shihtzu * Adorable * Great Temperments and don't shed! Love their toys !.

Daddy Shihtzu 31/2 lbs

Families are so happy when they come to adopt us!  But most of all we are happy to have a real family and a new home we can call our own! 

Barking Baby 4 U  Adoption Cottage


*New Baby Puppy* being tucked in! Awwww!  *Puppy Adoptions* can bring a smile to your face and a good home for a special puppy!

This is Lily she is a Yorkie poo girl! She is about 5 months old and her new Mommy loves to dress her in the cutest clothes! This is one lucky little Yorkiepoo!!!  :)

               Come visit here at our Barking Baby Adoption Cottage! Weekend Afternoons Call for apointment! Everybody will have their own hour! To give you the time you need..so bring the family...kids love it here!                           

  Barking Baby would like to invite you and your family to come and play with our sweet puppy's. Pick out a special baby & adoption is available here *Fri - Sun* with a appointment only...I can take deposit's during the weekday's to hold your baby till you come and pick up if you want and to quarantee that special puppy just for you!

We have our own staff  here at Barking Baby ♥They all are four legged with wagging tail's as they come out to greet you for your affection ♥♥♥

Call for more pricing details and picture's of new puppy's that might not be listed here.* Ask us about our Deluxe Puppy Package and save !!!  Also call before putting a deposit down on a puppy to insure puppy is not already sold! ? ? ?
Friendly Puppies for the entire family!

I think my bows are next!  Kinda Worried... Is this child trained? 

Dont forget to call 478-230-6110! Call me anytime before11:00 pm and I promise not to bite! 

Maltese are weighed and measured

I am adopted now but when I think of what I had to go through... Measured weighed and tugged on! But now I have a Happy home..The End!

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